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My name is Jessica I am a hard working Mom from Bothwell, Ontario that loves to create things! I started Country Mom's Creations in December 2019 in order to start a business that would allow me to stay home with my kids while they were small. Hoping one day they could help me when they got older and eventually take over. I also wanted to do something that I loved to do. I knew I loved making things and wanted to provide people with affordable and natural products for their house and body.

My Products

My mission starting Country Mom's Creations was to provide people with quality handmade products for an affordable price and that still stands today, almost 4 years later! My plan was to start with wax melts and continue to expand on the products I was making. I knew I wanted to use an all natural wax that would not put toxins into the air of my customers houses but hold fragrance well and have a hot and cold throw. This means you are able to smell the candle whether its burning or not. After doing my research, I decided that I was going to focus on pure soy wax which is an all-natural, biodegradable and renewable resource that is derived from soya beans. 

When soy wax is made into wax melts and candles it is a clean burning, non-toxic substance unlike paraffin wax. I use both essential oils and fragrance oils (separate- unless otherwise stated) to scent my wax melts. Essential oils are oils that are derived straight from the fruit or plant and fragrance oils are man-made oils that are made to imitate natural scents. The fragrance oils I use are as natural as you can get them, they are phthalate free and paraben free. Initially my plan was to only use essential oils but I had such a high demand for certain fragrance oil scents I decided to make both. 

Next I started pouring and testing candles and this was by far one of the hardest processes. Making candles has so many trials including the wax, the wick and the container. 

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