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Non-scented Pink Bath Bombs

Non-scented Pink Bath Bombs


Non-scented Pink Bath Bombs!

I have started making these because as some of you may know, some girls are sensitive to bath bombs because of the scent. After a trip to emerg with my youngest daughter, I wanted to make these bath bombs and make people aware of what can happen.

Some girls cant have scent in their bath products because it throws off their PH level and causes a yeast infection or bladder infection. This is what happened with my daughter, and she doesnt want to stop using bath bombs so this is my solution. My older daughters have never had an issue, only some girls have this sensitivity. These bath bombs will be $5 each and if you'd like a custom color I can make them in any color you want! This way, girls can still enjoy a bath bomb with bubbles and color, just no scent! 💟

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